Chip Design Pvt. Ltd.
"Beceem worked with the team at ChipDesign for our first few SoCs, for design and verification services, and never found them to be anything but complete professionals. They have a talented, committed and eager bunch of guys. I consider ChipDesign as one of the best design services company I have ever dealt with. For the work they do, they are our vendor of choice. Wish them all the best in their future endeavors."
Sunny Padacheril
VP, Base Band IC Development
Beceem Communications
+91 80 413 70 700
"Chip Design is a partner I would go to if we want to give them a spec and forget about detailed hand holding during implementation.They have been used by Centillium for multiple projects and have performed flawlessly on both verification and design implementation. Their expertise in signal processing and ability to map DSP algorithms into programmable and / or hardwired silicon designs is their strong point. I would recommend Chip Designs to be a reliable design and verification services partner in implementing complex SoC type developments."
M.N. Kumar
Director- IC Engineering
Centillium Communications
NVIDIA has engaged with Chip Design Pvt Ltd to execute formal property verification on one of NVIDIA's complex designs. Effective formal property verification requires deep domain knowledge of abstraction techniques and state-of-the-art formal verification technology. We have found the Chip Design team to be skilled, efficient and dependable.


Dan Smith
Director, Hardware Engineering